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In business since 1998

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Our partner provided legal support to more than 50 offshore companies under various jurisdictions

We ensure compliance for corporate clients

You need the assistance of experts in international law if you intend to:

  • sign a contract or hold negotiations with a foreign company
  • establish a business / representative office / branch in a foreign country
  • purchase or sell real estate/ assets from / to foreign partners
  • submit a claim or enter into a legal dispute with foreign partners
  • hire foreign employees.

In order to minimize business and tax risks associated with accessing foreign markets, companies need to be aware of local specifics and tax climate. Having an in-house international law specialist who provides legal support for cases involving foreign partners cannot guarantee success in overcoming non-routine challenges wherein international law experts from specialized law firms would have more expertise and, therefore, resolve all issues in a faster and more efficient manner.

LSC comprises professionals who never fail to deliver:

Legal Services Center will help corporate clients to resolve complex international legal issues and streamline cooperation with foreign partners

Our services:

  • consultations on international law;
  • translation of legal documentation;
  • provision of expert reports;
  • legal expertise of clients’ documentation;
  • negotiations with foreign partners, electronic correspondence, and business letters;
  • support of import and export transactions;
  • disputation of  customs officials’ wrongful actions;
  • drafting of foreign trade contracts and their enforcement (contract management);
  • identification of tax risks pertaining to international operations and transactions;
  • control over the enforcement of international arbitration decisions;
  • assistance in the establishment and registration of  branches, representative offices, and subdivisions of foreign companies in the Russian Federation;
  • registration of legal entities outside of the Russian Federation;
  • legal support of foreign business acquisitions;
  • registration of international trademarks;
  • legal support of investment projects;
  • due diligence checks of potential foreign partners;
  • assistance in the acquisition and sales of foreign real estate;
  • other relevant upon request.

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Sidorov Dmitry

Senior Legal Councel (Moscow Office)

Phone: +7 (495) 645-0-245 (доб. 430)

Mobile: +7 965-396-33-28


Key areas of expertise: corporate law, inheritance law, real estate transactions. Graduated from Kutafin Moscow State Law University with a double major in Law and translation in the field of professional communication. Holds the Cambridge English Legal (ILEC) certificate.

Guchua Guritana

Partner at Saint Petersburg office

Mobile: +7 931-210-42-23


Fluent English.

Work experience includes legal support of offshore companies (over 50) under various jurisdictions.

Ms. Guchua has extensive experience in international tax optimization; legal support of CFCs; support of investment transactions in the European (EU) real estate market; legal due diligence and asset due diligence; legal support of M&A and investment transactions; drafting and expert assessment of shareholder agreements and share purchase agreements (SPA, Memorandum of Understanding, Head of Terms, Letter of Intent, Share Pledge Agreement, etc.) under English law, the law of the British Virgin Islands, Cyprus, Hong Kong, etc.

Advantages of working with us

  • The company has been providing legal services since 1998. Our experience and knowledge help us to resolve the most challenging issues;
  • Legal Services Center employs certified translators and international law specialists, which allows for a dramatic reduction in the time required to achieve the desired result. We collaborate with foreign experts and coordinate the work of s experts working on your project;
  • We proceed to work towards resolving client’s issues as soon as we receive a request;
  • Our goal is to safeguard
  •  the interests of our client. Thus, we always take steps to settle out of court. When it is not possible, we work hard to win our client’s case in court  ;
  • We value our reputation, so we always inform clients about the full price of our services and explain the real prospect of the case at hand;
  • Our clients include representatives of well renowned medium and large businesses, which confirms the reliability of the company and the integrity of our legal specialists.

Advance planning and examination of tax and business risks allow for maximizing transaction profitability and ensuring the inclusion of desired security arrangements

LSC Director Anna Konyaeva

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